A growing list of documentaries, books, podcasts, websites, and social media pages that are body positive, pro-recovery and healing!


Embrace: The Documentary, body positive inspiration

Embrace: The Documentary (Taryn Brumfit) 
It's on Netflix! Watch it here.
Visit their site for more body positive content here.

The Illusionists Documentary by Ella Rossini

The Illusionists (Ella Rossini)
Learn more here.

This is a chilling documentary about the evolution of the notion, 'Sex Sells'. It sheds light to how consumerism influences our societal views of beauty, body image ideals, and the medias affect on all elements of appearance. There is some triggering content within this film, however I highly recommend it! 


Eating in the Light of The Moon

Embody: The Body Positive 

Intuitive Eating

Facing Co-dependency (Pia Mellody)

Walking on Egg Shells

Getting Past Your Past, Francine Shapiro


Julie Duffy Dillon, RD

Paige Smathers, RD

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